Advanced Newborn Care Specialist

Yvette Lopez

Yvette has worked extensively in the realm of childcare for 20 years, but her journey began even before that. Born and raised in Valencia, California, her natural affinity and passion came early on in life and developed by being the eldest of 4. Having three younger brothers,  several of her talents blossomed and only strengthened her ability to share them with the families she dedicates herself to.  Assisting her mother, multitasking, doing things before needing to be asked, providing care, learning rapidly, and being on the go is only a brief summary of the staple she has always been in her own household.

Yvette solidified the foundations of her passions by obtaining a BA in Early Child Development and becoming a Certified NCS.  In addition, she is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Armenian.

Early in her career, she had an opportunity to travel with Saudi Royalty, providing care for her first set of twin boys. Spending most of her twenties under contract working in different countries with an array of cultures. As luck would have it, 95% of all her clients have been twins, and almost all have been boys. With extensive knowledge and endless experience in sleep training, acid reflux, tandem breastfeeding, traveling, and managing multiple Newborn schedules simultaneously, she is extraordinary at her trade. Yvette has an impressive list of clients under her belt that includes high profile and high net worth.

Instinctively, being a nurturer and confidant in all aspects of her life; her colleagues know her as a true professional and often approach her for advice in anonymity. Her family and friends know that she has the biggest heart and is an incredible and devoted worker. She is continuously dedicated to furthering her education and strives to be an advocate for other childcare professionals.

When Yvette is not spending time with her two beautiful children and husband, she is devoted to caring for her clients. Her naturally compassionate and caring ways allowed her to assimilate with many families. She is an expert in multiples, has worked in NICU’s syringe feed, worked with acid reflux and micro preemie twins. She is devoted to her craft, and each family assisted through the years has become like family members.

She is constantly doing R&D, speaking at seminars, advocating for mothers in the fourth trimester, and doing pro-bono work for communities. The calibre of her work ethic, demeanor, and overall gratitude has given her so many rewards in life that she always counts her blessings for. She is known to pamper new moms with herbal foot rubs, setting Eucalyptus baths, setting roses on bedsides, and showering them with love.