find a newborn care specialist near you

We are here to help you find the best possible care and support for your newborn's wonderful but often overwhelming first few months.  We offer a free service to help connect you with the best Newborn Care Specialist for your family.

The NCSA offers this free service to connect you with newborn care specialists, but we do not get involved in the selection process with you and do not accept any liability when you hire a newborn care specialist.

If you do feel you would like a more personalized service and would like us to connect you with a reputable placement agency, please contact us.

If you could let us have some brief information we will post in our private NCSA members group and forward resumes from NCSs who are available for you.  

What type of NCS care do you feel you need?
Is there accommodation available for an NCS during the day - i.e. bedroom and access to a bathroom. Many NCS’s will travel for contracts and stay in your home.


The normal rate for an NCS is between $25-$65 per hour depending on location, qualifications, experience and number of babies. All terms of a contract are negotiable between you and your newborn care specialist.

This is a starting guideline; you may find that when you start to discuss your needs with newborn care specialists, their suggestions and your thoughts on your requirements may change.  All terms of a contract are negotiable between you and the newborn care specialist you choose to hire; newborn care specialists are flexible to their clients' individual needs.