La Terra Jackson

NCSA Board Member

La Terra

La Terra Jackson is an infant specialist in Denver, Colorado.  La Terra’s perinatal leadership began in Washington DC where she had the opportunity serve families from all over the world, learning about different approaches to creating a supportive environment for infants. In pursuit of expanding her skills, La Terra completed childbirth doula training in Luwero, Uganda. She then extended her training to include infant feeding development, lactation, and supportive touch for babies born early or with birth related complications.

La Terra has become known for her compassionate and nurturing approach, and her commitment to providing developmentally supportive infant care.

La Terra’s focus is to “support infant attachment from birth” by recognizing the potential for every parent to be a substantial part of their child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

La Terra provides holistic support to parents while they develop their skills and confidence in knowing their baby. Her offerings emphasize connection-centered practices like infant massage, mindfulness for stress and anxiety, and attachment-based infant feeding.

La Terra brings an interest in healthy living and a strong sense of community that explains her desire to create a supportive environment for parents where they can thrive and develop strong bonds with their newborn.

Outside of work, La Terra enjoys supporting local businesses, taking time for self-care, and advocating for social justice causes.