Grievance policy + Procedure

Newborn Care Specialist Association



A grievance is a claim lodged against an NCSA Certified Newborn Care Specialist or member in which the Newborn Care Specialist is accused of behavior that violates the NCSA’s Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice.

A grievance may be submitted by anyone, including but not limited to a client, their partner or family, a client’s care provider, or another Newborn Care Specialist, or it may be originated by the Grievance Committee.

If the claim is determined not to involve possible violations of the NCSA’s Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice, then it is determined to be not a grievance claim and remains, by definition, a complaint and therefore out of the scope of the NCSA Grievance committee and board of directors to be able to act on.

The NCSA’s grievance policy is essential to protect our clients, our members, our certification process and the integrity of our industry association. Any complaint or objection against a Newborn Care Specialist Association member may be submitted in writing with a detailed account of the grievance in question.

Goal and Purpose:

The goal in having a Grievance Policy and Procedure is to provide a mechanism through which the public and the community of Newborn Care Specialists can be protected if there is alleged misconduct on the part of an NCSA Certified Newborn Care Specialist or member.

The purpose of the Grievance Procedure is to provide a vehicle in which a complaint may be brought, a fair and complete investigation undertaken and appropriate action taken.

Submitting an Objection:

When submitting a grievance, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Request and complete the Submission Form for Lodging a Grievance explaining in full the details of the grievance
  2. Include all relevant facts and any supporting documents. Reference the specific NCSA Code of Conduct or Scope of Practice alleged to have been violated.
  3. Grievances filed anonymously will not be accepted and cannot be processed.
  4. The grievance must be received no later than twelve months after the date of the alleged occurrence.

NCSA Grievance Procedure:

  1. The complainant will receive confirmation of receipt of their grievance.
  2. The Grievance Committee Chair will provide written copies of the grievance to the Grievance Committee and the Newborn Care Specialist under review.
  3. The Newborn Care Specialist under review will be given an opportunity to respond within 30 days of receiving their copy of the complaint.
  4. The Grievance Committee will evaluate the grievance, determine whether it is a complaint or a valid grievance claim and make recommendations of possible sanctions that may include, but are not limited to a written warning, a requirement of further education or removal of certification and/or membership.
  5. All involved parties will be notified in writing by the Grievance Committee Chair of the findings of the investigation and informed of any resulting action recommended by the Grievance Committee and that decision will be final.

Grievance Committee deliberations will remain confidential and only the matters discussed in the letter to the involved parties will be disclosed. The documents gathered for the investigation will remain on file with the Newborn Care Specialist Association.

All Newborn Care Specialist Association members agree to this system of accountability, as stated and confirmed when signing up for NCSA membership and agree to abide by the decisions of the grievance committee, with no right to sue the NCSA for damages on behalf of themself or any related parties.

Acceptance of Determination:

By virtue of engaging the NCSA Grievance Claim Procedure, the complainant must agree to accept, without question, any determination, conclusions and decisions made by the NCSA Grievance Committee as final and binding. The complainant must agree not to take any further action against the Newborn Care Specialist under review with respect to the objection filed herewith.


All parties involved in the Grievance Claim Procedure, including the complainant, the Newborn Care Specialist or member under review, members of the Grievance Committee and NCSA Board of Directors and any third parties must agree to keep confidential for all time any and all verbal or written communications regarding the submission, mediation, negotiations, conclusions and/or sanctions of the objection filed with the NCSA.