What is a Newborn Care Specialist and do you need one?

what is a newborn care specialist

Is a Newborn Care Specialist the same as a night nurse? The term Night Nurse feels very familiar to some, but it is an outdated term, and in most states it is in fact illegal to refer to yourself as a nurse unless you are an RN, LPN or LVN. The correct term to use…

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Will Covid-19 Permanently change our industry?

will covid19 change industry

In the first few months after CoVid-19 arrived in the US many Americans have been told to work from home. The restaurants and shopping malls were all closed, pretty much all events were cancelled, and no one could travel. There hasn’t even been any live sports on TV. Of the many questions this extreme situation…

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What do Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s sons already have in common?

anderson cooper andy cohen have in common

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen first met on a failed blind date in the 90’s, but what started as an awkward encounter turned into a great friendship, they share vacations, they tour their show AC2 together and they both became single Dad’s via surrogacy in the last 18 months. But one extra thing they have…

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