Required NCS Hours for Level Three Certification

Please upload a document with details of 6000 Verifiable hours caring for newborns 0-16 weeks (adjusted) as an NCS. Must include:

  • 500 hours of daytime care (between 8am-8pm) and 500 hours of overnight care (between 8pm-8am)
  • a minimum of twelve families
  • a minimum of six families who breast/chest-fed
  • a minimum of six families who bottle-fed formula
  • a minimum of three families with multiples
  • a minimum of two families with a moderately preterm baby born between 32 and 34 weeks of gestation
  • a minimum of one family with a very preterm baby, born at less than 32 weeks gestation
  • and six families who each experienced a different specific challenge such as tongue-tie, reflux, medical condition, single parent, surrogacy etc.

Please use the format below:
Date Contract Started:
Age of Baby at start of contract:
Number of Hours worked:

We will be contacting these families for verification of these hours so please make sure the contact details are correct.

All information within this document will be kept confidential by the NCSA and clients will only be contacted for the purposes of verifying hours.

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    Examples: Mentoring newer NCSs in our industry either independently or through the NCSA mentorship program Given your time working on an NCSA Committee Written multiple educational blog posts Headed a support group for NCSs
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