Alicia Amerson

Board Member


Since 2012, Alicia has been helping families adjust to parenthood. Her passion as a nanny led her to become an NCSA Advance Certified and CACHE Certified Elite Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Certified Eco-Consultant, Lactation Educator, Sleep Consultant, and Parent Coach. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant in home care and hospice. Her company, The Golden Stroller, specializes in providing 24/7 and travel support to busy families nationwide. Alicia’s approach is based in respectful care (RIE), establishing healthy feeding and sleep routines, helping parents understand their baby, and creating a low-toxin environment for babies during critical developmental periods. She has experience working with multiples, preemies, babies with acid reflux, oral ties, and allergies, and parents who experience postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Alicia's goal is to be a go-to resource for parents through the ups and downs of the first months of life, helping them feel confident and prepared. Over the years, she has helped many families welcome their babies into the world. There are magical moments - when a parent first holds their newborn on their chest, a baby giggles for the first time, or a sibling looks deep into the baby’s eyes and can see themselves reflected. Yet, becoming a parent is hard and caring for a newborn (or two, or three) can be exhausting in a way one cannot wholly prepare for. Alicia believes that her ability to care for parents and babies so completely during the vulnerable first months together gives parents the power to show up as their best selves.