NCSA Mission + Purpose

Raising the Professional Standard Of Newborn Care

The NCSA is committed to helping parents and professionals with:


Regulating the professional newborn care industry, reviewing NCS trainings and raising the bar so parents can understand how and where to hire safe, qualified care and access our industry association grievance policy and procedure.

Connecting parents with Newborn Care Specialists through the NCSA job board.

Educating parents on industry standards, hourly rates, the difference in trainings and types of support, and the ethical way to hire care. Thus building an awareness of the NCS industry.


Certification through a thorough process, verifying hours, trainings, and continuing education with the protection of our trademark. Offering membership benefits and access to the NCSA job board.

Advocating for professionals with support and resources; business, tax, and legal advice through printed materials, editable templates, online webinars, and mentorship.

Building community connections and trust throughout the US at conferences, social events, meet-ups and an online community.

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The NCSA passionately believes in giving back to our community.

We are a non-profit organization run by a board of volunteers that also offers scholarships for NCS training and support for families with limited resources in urgent need of newborn care through the Open Heart Project.

The NCSA was founded as the Industry Association and Certification Entity for Newborn Care Specialists.

We have the registered trademark for the use of the title Certified Newborn Care Specialist CNCS® to give families peace of mind when hiring Certified Newborn Care Specialists.

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