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We are the leading Industry Association and Certification Entity for Newborn Care Specialists.

Together we will raise the professional standard of newborn care.

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Only the highest quality training academies and educators are approved by the NCSA towards Certification.

Understanding the importance of hiring high quality care for families.

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The NCSA passionately believes in giving back to our community.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit industry association run by a board of volunteer Newborn Care Specialists, we also offer scholarships for NCS training and support for families with limited resources in urgent need of newborn care through the Open Heart Project.

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Thinking of hiring a Newborn Care Specialist for your new family?

"The best decision we made for our family was hiring our NCS; she was truly a parenting partner and being able to sleep at night knowing our baby was not only expertly cared for but being gently supported in 'choosing sleep' for himself, made all the difference in the first few months" - Jillian L